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UFO Secret Space Chronicles

By: Theresa J Morris

The beginning of how to know there is more to life than simply living on the planet in three dimensions.


Welcome to my world of intrigue. My life has been filled with the super natural and the unexplained. Therefore, I will be a scribe for that which only I could share based on my own life path while on planet earth. The name earth chronicles are used however the UFO Secret Space Chronicles is what many of my friends have asked me to write in the best plain English I could muster.

Life on planet earth as a humanoid sentient intelligent being has its perils. We are here to learn of our skills, talents, and knowledge which can be used in space in another place when we transition from this level of existence.

I may not be the best writer, researcher, and observer however, this is my mission. My mission is to share the communications of that which I understand in my own life experiences on earth and in space for those that desire to know more about life in the cosmos. I have lived and died and lived again. This is an apparent way to assist others in thought about transition to another way of being.

This explanation will have to suffice for the earth chronicles which I am now sharing for those above. It is said throughout time “As above so below”.

For those who are skeptical and whom we call debunkers this is for you. We also share this for all those who are lightworkers and truth-seekers. We need both on earth to balance life. Life in the balance is how we are judged, and we call the judge God or nature’s God who rules over all the universes not just this one.

I know because I asked. I was told “God has always been.” I also know that there is a Godmother. Both have helped me in my times of need at this lower level of existence. I know I am created in their image. It is simple to figure out because I look at who I am since I was born on earth. The old way of coming through the birth canal. I looked at who my parents were and their parents and my grandparents and so on and so forth all the way back and this is the only conclusion that makes sense in the entire picture.

This is the way that I lived and will share my story of my own experiences for those who are interested. We are changing times based on what happens to us and what we share. Believe what you want and learn what you can. Life in the larger scheme of things will only allow for each of us to hold so much information.

We then transition as our container ages as is the plan for us all on planet earth.

Be loving and kind and show interest in life and everything you do. This is a clue.

We are all learning to be super heroes however on the inside we are all sensitive to our surroundings. Inside we truly know how vulnerable we are. I love to look at all those around me and truly marvel at how we all are here to survive. We learn to not only survive but to thrive. Life is a gift and we can learn to share that which makes our entire civilization grow. Growth is an option for all of humankind. This life is best served learning, observing and participating in life’s sources. The life force we now call essence and energy. Be kind, aid others when you can and be observant of your own life force. Take care of yourself so you can assist others when it is needed. We serve and protect our humanoid sentient intelligent being species. We certainly do not want to harm anyone or anything.

The best rule of thumb to take note of what is to know that if you cannot replace that around you and replace it exactly as it was then certainly do not destroy it. All life is important.  Our ancestors left us a history of how to survive on planet earth. We call this the “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth”. It is up to each to find this basic guide and to read it and to understand our ancestor’s way of getting us to this place and in this time. History is a recording of that which has a thread of observance and recording to it. There is some information that is taken in by each individual and then provides a blanket of universal law into account.

We have universal laws and there are some on earth which may seem hard to grasp the meaning of as we become more understanding of all things in the universal order. While one is in human form, one is given ways to be, do, have, and record. The recording is a part of one’s on essence and meaning to life. The spark of universal   life force which is our own individual soul is very important to the beginning of all creation. We are all expanding as we grow and learn. There is a universal order to all beings and to all things. The UFO Secret Space Chronicles is a place in space where all our lives are recorded throughout what we call time and space into infinity.

This is a part of the all-encompassing macrocosm. We are each a part as we are microcosms inside the macrocosm. This is a simpler way to know some things just are the way they are. We did not create them but that which did has a part or spark in each of us. It is up to us to learn to find and gradually know that we are all a part of that creator of creators. We do not have to know all things since there is always something outside of us and inside of us controlling some part of the “ALL I AM.”.

The philosophy and theosophy part of us all may be what drives our way of being to communicate that which we are learning about on our own spiritual path. Spiritual science is a way to describe that which we are learning to piece together as our own way of being as an individual and a whole in the scheme of becoming. One thing is for sure that we all share our own spiritual path together and separately. We are all learning and we are all growing towards something somewhere. We will all transition and we may not know but it is normal to wonder why, and where we are all going.

I hope that his part of me and us will be of some help to others. We are all the authors of our own life story. This is the part of the plan http://theresajmorris.comthat may be hardest to understand. We share freewill. I share my freewill now by learning how to communicate that which I have experienced as an individual. Maybe this will someday happen to you and you will be better prepared for your own change and transition into other ways to be. We are all family and shall never be forgotten. We are the best part of the humanoids.

If you have a story to tell related to aliens and ufos please joun our ACO History Club of Archivists. Theresa J Morris

We also shaare our stories on Podcasts for friends to here when they plug into our cyberspace connection.

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