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IF you would like to become a member of the ACO UFO Club we would like to have you read our Artciles and By-Laws before you receive a connection between our Club and You.

We know we are not alone in the Cosmos.

We are ancient cultures origin researchers.

We realize there is more to know about our ancestors and kinship to  pyramids and extraterrestrial relationships, recordings, and ancient technology by a superior race.

We share various levels of Alien Contact US History Club. A Peer Review Journal for inside our Alien ET UFO Community and also our Spiritual Science Community which has come together with our ACE Metaphysical Community.

DONATIONS ACCEPTED by SUPPORTERS and PEERS. Lightworkers and Truthseekers.
LISTINGS are for our MEMBERSA LINKS to acknowledge their supportive aqdvocatge work.

SILVER MEMBERS by A LINK ENDORSEMENT: Annual Fee $2.00 a month paid annually $24.00.

GOLD MEMBERS by a PAGE Endorsement with Photo, Bio, Book, Business, Link to Future Event Talks – $25.00 x 4 quarters paid annually on paypal. This gives our members a presence on the web in our Membership and Fellowship Club so we can recognize them and their work.

OUR Cosmos Expo is our annual meeting beginning in 2019. We will be organized with our ACO Clubs by Region in the U.S.
AFFILIATE Members are endorsed for their contributions to our ACO UFO CLUB as our Alien ET UFO Community and our COSMOS EXPO. We are working on an affiliate program to share in our future fund raisers with a vendor table at our annual conference events, and workshops.

SPONSORS are members who desire to be supporters in relationship to our cause of sharing “Alien Civilizations Exist: in our Ascension Age!:

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