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Hi – I would like to be a speaker and am in

Theressa J Morris
Allied Commander

Gulf Breeze, FL – I am an Author, Radio Host, CE5 OBE, NDE, Experiencer and met Dolores Cannon in her office in 1994. We had a great conversation about past lives and my UFO Psychic Connection in HAWAII.
My books I can bring and I can also do readings. I can do a power point on how I was in the U.S. Navy and met President Reagan and worked our UFO Story behind the scenes as I was a Legal Investigator, and also wore uniforms and was a GS. I have never been to a UFO Conference though spoke to Stanton Friedman 2006-2007 and Kathy Marden. I met CUFOS J. Allen Hynek and was in Stargate Program. My story has neveer been shared in person only in books and on radio shows. Call 850-736-5138. Most people know me as TJ Thurmond Morris who has written for UFO Digest. I have, and Cosmos Connection on Revolution Radio on I would love to begin my UFO Spiritual Community “COMING OUT” at OZARK is a sentimental value to me being born in Monroe, LA and we vacationed there every year. My story is “TAKEN” with Allie Clark aws in the book and movie made for television with Steven Spielberg. I SPOKE at the MEMPHIS, HILTON at the 34th MIDSOUTH CON. only in 2016 Husband died 12-2-15 and I can share his story as part of my own. Off planet, Area 51, Dulce, NM.

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